Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Parish Council Papers

2013 (0)
Agenda Notice Annual Parish Meeting May 2018
Bonsall PC expenditure 2017-18 Q1-4a
Statement of Reserves carried forward at 31 March 2018
Planning Committee Terms of Reference 22-03-18
Document Retention Policy March 2018
Mick Biggin St James Churchyard Management Plan 22-03-18
Bonsall Parish Council Standing Orders December 2017
Bonsall PC Health and Safety Policy May 2017
Bonsall Parish Council Grant Policy 2016
Bonsall Parish Council Finance Regulations March 2015
Bonsall Environmental Policy July 2017
Bonsall Recruitment, Selection and Equality and Diversity Policy July 2017
Bonsall Parish Council Disciplinary and Grievance Policy 07-11-17
Bonsall Data Protection Policy July 2017
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